Pedregal del Bosque Pre-school is an English-immersion school for children aged 1.5 to 6 years, founded especially for parents who wish to offer English play and experiences to their children. Since opening our doors in 2005, we have built an outstanding reputation for the quality of our childcare and education. We offer Early Years programming based on the English National Curriculum.

The Kinder Garden staff implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum that will nurture and support the unique potential of each child. Teachers do not follow preconceived conventions. Instead, they closely observe and respond appropriately to each child’s needs and interests. 

Educating the young child at The Kinder Garden is a challenge that we meet with great enthusiasm.

Careful observations of the children help the teachers acquire meaningful responses and to collect uselful data which will guide them in making curricular decisions based on the children’s interests, talents, and levels of development.


All our early years professionals at Pedregal del Bosque have experience and a genuine love for working with children. They hold diplomas or degrees focused in education and we are proud to have such dedicated and wonderful teachers with us.

Our Goals

- Value and respect the children as individual.

- Show a caring attitude toward all children and promote their self esteem.

- Observe and evaluate the children’s progress.

- Provide learning experiences through play for each child.

- Encourage children to practice and acquire skills and independence.

- Provide a variety of equipment and materials to encourage growth and    development.

- Encourage and develop skills in early literacy and numeracy.

- Maintain a good relationship with parents and consult with them regarding their children’s achievements.

- Maintain a high standard of teamwork to benefit children and staff alike.

- Provide training opportunities for all staff to improve the quality of care.

Self-evaluate our service on a regular basis to maintain a high standard of care.